“En dì al Maso”

A day at our Mountain Lodge: a special experience for our guests


One day a week, we love to take our guests to our lodge at Dismoni (“maso” in Primiero dialect), between San Martino di Castrozza and Fiera di Primiero, for a special day of immersion in authentic local Primiero culture. During this day, the group will reach the maso along the forest road that from San Martino continues in the direction of Malga Crel / Dismoni, in a walk of a couple of hours (without particular difficulty).

However, we offer a ride to those who do not feel up to doing the whole walk, using our minibus or arranging with their own cars.

When you reach your destination, you will be greeted with a fresh aperitif and snacks, such as local cold cuts and cheeses. In the meantime, we will start cooking Polenta and barbecue meat, accompanied by beans, local cheeses and mushrooms from our forests: in short, a traditional Primiero lunch through and through!

This experience has a cost of € 25.00 per person, or in the case of half board can be switched to dinner that evening.